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“Favorite Time”

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The Walker’s started a childcare program in their home with the burden to share God’s love with children.  The goal of each day was to have a “Favorite Time” with the children while fostering a love for spending time with Jesus each day.  This time was typically around 9:00am which consisted of a combination of prayer, Bible and child devotion time, singing, and a variety of activities such as puppet ministry, Veggie Tales, art, etc.    The Favorite Time Home Childcare logo was pointed at 9:00 am which was the “Favorite Time” of the day.

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About “Favorite Time”

“Favorite Time” is now available as an elective curriculum with the similar simplistic burden to share God’s Word and His love.  In 2014, “Favorite Time” will start in the Private Pre-K classes using A Beka curriculum for Bible time.  Our hearts desire is to see God raise up additional teachers, support staff, and/or volunteers who have a similar passion to share the love of Jesus with children.  Initially these programs will be an elective time whereby parents can choose to enroll their child in this program.

The “Favorite Time” program will always include prayer and Bible reading.   This time may also comprise of devotional reading, puppet story, video story, art or craft, sensory activity, and/or supplemental Bible curriculum.  Weather permitting, “Favorite Time” may also be planned outside and may include visiting guests.

Please look for upcoming announcements regarding “Favorite Time”.

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