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Wonderful Facility

Favorite Time Academy is located on a spacious two acres lot. The four sided brick building was custom built by experienced builders familiar with the childcare and preschool industry. We take great pride in maintaining the building and mechanics to give a like-new feel to every child and family.

Facility 12Our lobby gives a professional and impressive image to our school. We enjoy decorating the lobby for special events, holidays, and seasonal décor. The lobby provides an inviting and warm feeling every school day for our families. Enjoy the variety of music piped inside and outside the building.

Facility 4

Our facility was created with every student in mind with state-of-the-art classrooms and custom-tailored child amenities. The spacious classrooms were designed by educational experts and childcare consultants to offer the best learning, safety, and fun environment for children.

Facility 2

Facility 5

Classrooms include:

• Child Water Fountains
• Child Hand Sinks
• Rug and Hard Service Play Areas
• Zone Controlled Heating and Air Condition
• Plenty of Natural Lighting
• Walls are Natural Tones with Plenty of Child Art Work (no wallpaper)
• Phone Access for Emergency Purposes
• Bathrooms Accessible from Classrooms.
• Toddler Toilets for Potty Training
• Custom Changing Areas for Infants and Toddler Classrooms
• Kitchenette areas for Infants and Toddler Classrooms
• Outside Access from all classrooms
• Music Control Volumes for Center Music
• DVR Mentoring Cameras in every Classroom

The building is split into two wings. One wing is for Infants and Toddlers while the other side is for the older children Pre-K through School Age. The lobby area also includes a Wellness Room when a child is ill and is waiting to be picked up, a front desk area, Teacher Resource Room, and Coach’s office.

What would a school be without a computer lab? We are pleased to offer students computer time in our professional lab. The lab is equipped with six computers that have dual operating systems including Ubunto and Microsoft offering educational software and games for pre-k through school age.