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Georgia Pre-Kindergarten

Ashley with students About Georgia Pre-K


The Georgia PreKindergarten Program is a public/private partnership. Below details basic information and requirements of the program:
  • Children must reside in Georgia.
  • Children may attend any Georgia Pre-K program in any county and is not restricted to the county of residence.
  • Children must be four years of age on September 1 of the Pre-K year to enroll.
  • The program is voluntary.
  • The core instructional program is free of charge. (Fees for meals, extended day services and other extra-curricular activities may be charged.
  • There is no registration fee for the core program. Registration fees may apply to extended day programs.
  • Pre-K programs operate 6.5 hours per day, five days per week, 180 days per year. Pre-K programs follow the school calender in the county they reside.
  • Pre-K program providers must use state approved curriculum in the Pre-K program. Ask about the specific curriculum at registration.
  • Pre-K program lead teachers must meet state credential/qualification requirements.
  • Parents should call the private child care centers or local public school system to determine the Pre-K registration date in their community. Providers must disclose their written policy on their waiting list and enrollment procedures.
  • Parents agree to attendance norms as standard with public education goals.

Acceptable Proof of Age:
  • Original/certified birth certificate with number or seal,
  • Passport,
  • Green card, pink card or Federal I-94 card,
  • Hospital record of live birth

Required Documents for a Student:
  1. Social Security Number (may be waived if a parent signs a statement objecting to the requirement: O.C.G.A. §220-2-150d).
  2. Certificate of Immunization (DHR Form 3231) within 30 days of program entry,
  3. Certificate of Ear, Eye and Dental Examination (DHR Form 3300) within 90 days of program entry,

For more information about the Georgia Pre-K program, visit the Georgia Department of Early Care & Learning, Bright from the Start, at Favorite GA PRE-K

CLICK HERE to be added to our waiting list: On-line Georgia Pre-K Application.

Alicia Our Georgia Pre-K Goals

Our goal is to serve children and families from all walks of life. We believe that quality early childhood education should be available for all children. State and federal programs bring quality and diversity to a child care center. In a majority of cases, a center that incorporates state or federal standards will increase the substance of their curriculums while raising the bar for staff qualification and education. We have personally witnessed (Head Start Program, Illinois) the positive results in children through these initiatives and believe these services are necessary in even the most affluent communities. “No Child Left Behind” begins with early initiatives for all children, we believe we have a responsibility to offer these programs.

We believe in QUALITY! We deliver RESULTS! Our aim is to consistently improve what we offer through parent, staff, and child involvement. Quality and results are measured through ongoing observations, documented portfolios, and age specific assessments for each child. Results are validated through parent surveys and private/public inspections.

PreK Our Favorite Pre-K Expectations

Our expectations for each child are that they would love learning and are eager to start kindergarten schooling. Our general objective is to ensure that each child is adequately growing in all four areas of development including physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. Our partnering objective is to assist parents with early detection of possible at risk children who may need further assessments or specialized testing. Through combining the Creative Curriculum and Georgia State assessment tools, we will ensure the integrity, substance, and quality of each child’s educational opportunity and experience.

Georgia Pre-K vs. Private Pre-K

Favorite Time Academy offers both state and private Pre-K. Below are some general pointers that may be helpful if you are looking for a quality Pre-K program.
  • We are proud to offer Georgia Pre-K and believe the quality between our private and public program is equal. We do not steer parents towards one program or the other and there is “no bait and switch”. If we believed that Georgia Pre-K was inferior to our private program we wouldn’t offer it.

  • Private Pre-K may be right for a family that needs flexible hours or for parents wishing not to have their children enrolled in a five-day program consistently. GA Pre-K students must attend the entire 6.5 hours each day while our private programs are semi-flexible regarding attendance and arrival/departure times.

  • Our Private Pre-K has a smaller group size which general means more individual attention. Georgia Pre-K group size is twenty children were our private program is between 10-14 children.

  • Georgia Pre-K teacher-child ratio is two teachers for twenty children (ratio 1:10). Some Private Pre-K programs may use state licensing standards (ratio 1:18). It is best to ask the center what ratios they practice and how their program is staffed. Typically we staff our Private Pre-K class with a lead and an assistant teacher.

  • Georgia Pre-K requires that lead teachers meet minimum qualifications while there is no credential standard set by the state for Private Pre-K teachers (other than a GED and 10 hours of training per year).

  • Our private program this year offered Zoo Phonics, Sign Language, and Spanish all at no additional fees. The owner, Ms. Elizabeth, taught the program. This may not be the case every year but we try to add additional programming that interests the children and parents. Extra curricula activities are also available for both programs.

  • Both programs operate seamlessly with no noticeable differences. Students have opportunities to meet friends on the playground from other classes. During extended care children may be combined for afternoon activities and games.

  • Georgia Pre-K programs are accountable to the state with routine visits by Pre-K consultants. This state accountability is not there for private programs (other than general licensing standards). Below are samples of Content Standards and Program Quality Assessments.

  • Both our Georgia Pre-K and Private programs include adherence to NAEYC practices and standards. All programs at Favorite Time are a priority!

  • PreK outside Favorite Time Academy's Policy & Procedure

    Georgia Pre-K Waiting List & Enrollment

    Favorite Time Academy is pleased to offer Georgia's Pre-K Program. This program is offered to all Georgia resident families. We are committed to non-discriminatory enrollment procedures. Below is the waiting list and enrollment procedures/policies for our Georgia Pre-K program.

    1. Children currently enrolled at Favorite Time Academy are able to enroll first.
    2. If there are more children enrolled in our private Pre-K 3, who are eligible to move into GA Pre-K, selection will then be based on the enrollment date of each child at the center(beginning with the earliest enrollment date).
    3. In the effort to keep siblings together and in the same school, new enrollees who have younger siblings who are enrolling in our programs will be offered Georgia Pre-K next.
    4. The remaining Georgia Pre-K applications will selected off our waiting list in June/July or possibly earlier(depending on when the state approves funding).

    Additional Enrollment Information:
    • If you are interested in Georgia Pre-K, please come visit us and put your child's name on the waiting list. We encourage parents to visit different Georgia Pre-K sites and meet the teachers. We offer a personalized favorite tour with your family including meeting the teachers and seeing the program.

    • Childcare centers that offer Georgia Pre-K typically automatically enroll the children that are currently moving up from their three-year-old classes. When choosing a child care center for your younger ones, it is smart to find a center that offers Georgia Pre-K when your child turns four. Early Childhood Education is expensive and we believe that this is one service we can provide our favorite parents and the community.

    • Special Note Regarding Summer Enrollment: Staying enrolled in the summer program is not required to hold your child's spot in GA Pre-K once your child is given a spot. This state standard makes the availability open for all children, not just children who enroll the summer before Pre-K.

    • Please be sure to give us the best contact information when enrollment begins in April/May(home, cell, work, vacation phone numbers). If we are unable to get a hold of you, we will go to the next person on the waiting list.

    • After the year begins, if a child does not attend or a slot(s) becomes available during the year, we will continue to select children based on the above procedure.

    CLICK HERE to be added to our waiting list: On-line Georgia Pre-K Application.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does my child have to live in the same county as your center?

    ANSWER: No, the only requirement is that your child resides in Georgia.

    My friend frowned at the suggestion of Georgia Pre-K and told me that Private Pre-K was better than Public Pre-K. Is this true?

    ANSWER: We encourage each parent to do their homework when choosing a Pre-K program for their child. Favorite Time Academy offers both a private and a public funded Pre-K program. Both programs offer different advantages and disadvantages. In general, we believe that Georgia Pre-K programs have higher standards then most private run programs. Please keep in mind the following:

    Ask to see the credentials/qualifications of the lead teacher. Georgia Pre-K requires that lead teachers meet minimum qualifications while these standards are not the same for Private Pre-K providers.

    Georgia Pre-K programs must meet state content standards including approved curriculum, classroom management, quality and quantity of equipment, and assessing child growth and development. Content standards cover seven key curricular areas: Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Creative Expression, Social and Emotional Development, and Physical Development.

    Is it required that my child attend every day?

    ANSWER: Georgia Pre-K Program operates just like a school classroom. Parents commit to sending their child to school for the complete 6.5 hours day,180 days per year. Children can be disenrolled for being chronically tardy in the morning or being picked up prior to the end of the instructional day. We work with each family and make reasonable exceptions. For each child to get the most out of the program we encourage parents to only miss days when really needed. We work to improve attendance and tardiness as we partner with each family/parent.

    What are the times of the program?

    ANSWER: Our program starts from 8:30am until 3:00pm. Before and after extended care is available for a reasonable tuition fee.

    What is your school calendar? Is Georgia Pre-K open during county school recesses/breaks?

    ANSWER: Our school calendar follows the Paulding School District calendar. When the Paulding School district is closed for holidays and breaks the GA Pre-K class is also closed. During these breaks we offer extended care in our private Pre-K classrooms at the regular tuition rates.

    What is the fee for your meals? Can children bring their own lunch?

    ANSWER: The meal fee is $20.00 per week. Georgia Pre-K requires centers and schools to provide a complete nutritional meal for children. We encourage parents not to bring bag lunches for their child unless there are diet restrictions. We introduce many healthy foods to the children which is part of the educational program. If your child has identified special food requirements, please let us know.

    CLICK HERE to be added to our waiting list: On-line Georgia Pre-K Application.

    A Favorite Georgia Pre-K Program @ Work!

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