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The Buzz is the busy Honey bees! CAMP BEE COOL centers on summer “Character Building” through the continued study of the honey bee. Each summer the children explore and learn about these amazing bees and the importance of bees to our environment and wellbeing. The children will be able to learn and explore many important facts about bees including how they work together to succeed as community.

Honeybees are prime pollinators of the planet. They provide us with honey, royal jelly, beeswax, and propolis. They are very cooperative and have an amazing colony structure. Bees have a great responsibility and contribution to each other and their community. Bees work in harmony to protect each other and their home. Honeybees are very social insects.

Camp Bee Cool is extreme fun while offing educational “Bridging Activities” to minimize learning loss during the summer time. We tackle summer learning loss by offering fun educational activities that cover science, math, and literacy.

“WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BEST TIME!”, – Ms. Darby, Lead Camp Teacher

General Information

The Senior Tick Tock Club includes children 5 years of age that have completed one year of Kindergarten up to children 12 years of age. Our Junior Tick Tock Club includes Pre-K students as well as 5 year olds that haven’t completed Kindergarten yet.

During the summer months the Senior Tick Tock Club explores weekly field trips while the Junior Tick Tock Club has less frequent off-site excursions. Alternative on-site activities are provided for Junior Campers during each fieldtrip for parents that wish to keep their child on-site.

The Tick Tock Club fosters leadership skills, teamwork, and child-directed activities. We believe in a balance of structure and free choice. We provide students with many fun opportunities for recreation and social stimulation. For additional information about the Favorite Tick Tock Club in town visit their webpage at Tick Tock Club for School Agers. 

Summer Bridging

This is an important process for children during the summer time. Bridging is the process of continuing to challenge students academically throughout the summer. By using fun academic activities, students will be able to remember content from the previous grade. They will be able to have a good start at the beginning of the school year. Bridging includes 30 minutes of reading each day. 

Flexible Summer Schedules

Families can reserve the entire summer, selected weeks, or even part-time days. This flexibility allows families to plan vacations, sport camps, tutoring, VBS outings, visiting grandparents, without the cost of enrolling for the entire summer when your child wouldn’t be here. We also offer discount summer rates for children attending the entire 8-Weeks(Paulding County) or 10-weeks(Cobb County) of summer. Come meet with us and we would be happy to help you customize your child’s favorite summer.

Summer Camp Highlights

  • Wet n’ Wild Water Park
  • Daily Sports Field or Park Activities
  • Zumbatomics with Ms. Lizzy
  • Wii Tournaments
  • Wacky Inventions and Science Experiments
  • Various Clubs for individual interests
  • Community Gardening
  • Minute to Win it Game Days!
  • Science and Math Discoveries
  • Special Visiting Guests
  • Fear Factor Parties
  • Show Business – You’re On Stage Karaoke, Drama Arts, Musicals, Puppet Theater
  • Favorite Workshops including:
    • A Sewing room “Tailor Shop”,
    • Tool WorkStation,
    • Recycling/Electronics Center,
    • Imagination Station.
  • Weekly Swimming or Skating. Field Trip Adventures!
  • The Odyssey series- Character building books on CD.

Camp Weekly Themes

See our webpage for weekly themes.  CLICK HERE