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Why Favorite Time?

Why is Favorite Time the Best Choice?


01- On Site Owners Picture

On Site Owners

We have a Christian Husband & Wife Leadership Team.  Paul and Elizabeth are hands on owners who believe in being part of the team.  With owners who are committed and on-site, parents can rest assured that there will be continuity and stability in leadership.

Accreditation & Awards

As a premier learning school, our team has proven results that no childcare center in the county has matched to date.  Favorite Time Academy has earned the top national accreditations in the industry, and has received numerous awards and recognitions for quality including the highest state award, Center of Distinction.

02 - NAEYC logo


NAEYC Accreditation

NAEYC Accreditation is recognized across the country as the mark of quality education for young children. When you see the NAEYC Accreditation Torch, you know that your child will be safe, healthy, and learning each day. NAEYC Accreditation is the strongest system available, providing schools with the tools and assistance they need to continuously improve their programs and meet NAEYC’s stringent program standards.  IN THE TOP 8% NATIONALLY!   NAEYC Accredited childcare centers are in the top eight percent of programs nationally!


04 - One Focus

One Focus

At Favorite Time we have one priority, and that is children.  We have one concentrated effort to make our programs the Favorite Choice in the county. Our success is measured by how we achieve results in the classroom not our income statement.  We believe that as we take care of children, God will provide our needs.


05 - Integrity & Honesty

Integrity & Honesty

We believe that our work is an extension of our faith, and as such we strive to do the right thing for the right reasons.
We value every contribution that each child, parent and teacher makes to our center.  We believe in treating people with dignity, respect, and kindness. We run a transparent business with full disclosure to our parents, even when it hurts us.  We aim to be fair, gracious, and firm in our relationships with staff, vendors, and clients without compromising our core beliefs.


06 - Low Child-Teacher Ratios

Low Child/Teacher Ratios

We believe it is just a matter of time before Georgia changes their ratio guidelines.  Other states have lower ratios, which we believe are safer and more conducive to early childhood education.  Our goal is stay below Georgia ratios during peak learning periods of the day, and to prepare for the changes we believe the state will initiate in the coming years.



07 Gifted Teachers

Gifted & Nurturing Teachers

Our aim is to recruit and retain teachers that truly love to serve, nurture, and teach children.   We believe in a balanced staff of college and high school students, moms, professional educators, as well as staff with training and education. We make staff changes, when necessary, but always keeping in mind how the change will effect the children.

Favorite Steps Curriculum

08 - Favorite Steps CurriculumThere are many philosophies regarding early childhood education; however, we believe that the Creative Curriculum framework is practical, effective, and comprehensive.  The curriculum offers a creative and fun approach to learning where children thrive and grow.  Cookie cutter curriculums stifle both child and teacher development.  The creative approach allows teachers to be aesthetic and flexible in building a program based on the children’s interests and strengths. Our Favorite Approach to Creative Curriculum will engage each child, teacher, and parent resulting in a winning educational team.


09 Unparalled Food & Nutrition

Unparalleled Food & Nutrition

Dining is an important part of the curriculum at Favorite Time.  We believe that our Culinary Favorites Program is unparalleled to any childcare center in the area.  We are not only concerned about the quality of the ingredients we use and how our dishes are prepared, but also how they are presented and served to your child. Paul has 10+ years of food & nutrition experience.

10 Spectacular Playgrounds

Spectacular Playgrounds

Our wonderful playgrounds are designed with your child in mind.  Each playground is specifically designed and separated by ages.  We offer the only infant playground in the area.  There is also a Sports/Fitness Field that is fenced for all kinds of outdoor activities and games.


11 Water Park

Cool Wet & Wild Water Park

A wonderful sand and water park is the perfect place to cool off during the hot summer months. Our water park is a huge hit all summer, and into the school year. There are three separate controls for the water which allows the toddlers to have a low pressure mist. Children infants through school age love the water fun and playing in the sand.

12 Professional Computer Lab

Professional Computer Lab

In addition to providing computer and internet for our staff members, each child has an opportunity to learn and grow using computer driven educational software.  We believe that computers play an integral part in the development of children if properly used.  At Favorite Time the computer is not a substitute for TV, but another tool to be used in moderation for learning purposes.

13 Field Trips

Field Trips

We offer a wide range of field trips that are both fun and educational. Our Favorite Parents know that we have some of the best field trip destinations including trips to Atlanta and neighboring Tennessee. We also provide trips for swimming and water recreation.

Please see:  Field Trip Destinations

14 Wonderful Facilities

Wonderful Facilities

We have specifically placed this feature last on the list.  Although we love our facility and find the building impressive, we believe that quality early childhood education is found within a classroom.  Our facility is wonderful and we believe it offers a professional image to our school.

We Offer Georgia Pre-K

When choosing a child care center for your younger ones, it is smart to find a center that offers Georgia Pre-K when your child turns four. Early Childhood Education is expensive and we believe that this is one service we can provide our favorite parents and the community. Childcare centers that offer Georgia Pre-K typically automatically enroll the children that are currently moving up from the three-year-old classes.

Providing Georgia Pre-K (non-profit program) is just one way we serve our Favorite Parents and Community.

CLICK HERE to be added to our waiting list: Georgia Pre-K Application


Warm & Friendly Environment

There is a difference when you come into Favorite Time. Whether you are a parent or coming for a tour, there is a noticeable warm and friendly environment. Continuous monitoring of the rooms ensures that staff members are not overwhelmed. Keeping the stress down and fostering teamwork makes a dramatic difference in the general tone and feel of the center. A team that works well together is happier than a bunch of employees that like to tear each other down. Favorite Time fosters a team approach to achieve results and celebrate successes. Our desire is for teachers to share their success with each other so everyone can learn how to better serve the children. Positive conversations in the teacher’s resource room, hallways, and kitchens are a daily expectation.


17 Well Equipmed Classrooms

Well Equipped Classrooms

We routinely hear from staff that Favorite Time is far more equipped then centers they have previously worked for. Each room is elaborately equipped with all the necessary tools to run a quality program. We continue each season to add additional equipment and replace furniture that is worn. We use top of the line vendors including Community Playthings, Kaplan, Lakeshore, and Childcraft. We equally furnish and equip both GA Pre-K rooms sparing no expense. At Favorite Time it is typical to see deliveries and large boxes in the hallways; we are always shopping for the children!


If it is broken then we fix it; if it’s not then we leave it alone.  We believe in listening and responding to children, staff, parents, and partnering agencies.  Our aim is to communicate openly on areas we are working to improve and/or change.

Customer Service

We are part of the service industry and as such strive to be parent friendly. Whether it is preparing statements for tax returns or flexible spending accounts, handling concerns or suggestions, or just needing some TLC, we treat every family with the proper care and respect. We are very conscientious and sensitive to parent’s feelings and concerns.

Why is Favorite Time Academy the Favorite Choice? Need More Reasons:


Great Security

See our hi-tech security systems at: High-tech Security

Safety Audits

All staff members are trained in CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety.  Fire and tornado drills are done each month. Routine safety audits are done for the classrooms and playgrounds. All employees have background and reference checks. Building and grounds are well maintained.


“Favorite Time is the cleanest childcare center we have ever been to.” – Parent Comment


Exceeding Regulatory Standards

Our goal is to meet and exceed state licensing requirements. If suggestions or violations are found we correct them and implement initiatives to excel in these areas.


Extra Curricula Activities

Click here to learn more about our Enrichment Programs!

Continuous Quality Improvements

The NAEYC Accreditation gave us a great platform to continue to grow and build on. Earning the accreditation was not designed to be the end-all to quality, but was initiated to provide a system to monitor, evaluate, and pursue higher standards every day. We typically have a dozen or more projects simultaneously being implemented throughout the year to raise the bar in what we offer.

Not A Franchise or Chain

We are one school with one mission. We are able to change and meet the needs of our clients quickly with no red tape. We pay no franchise or royalty fees; therefore, these savings are passed onto our clients and invested in our programs. We are able to tailor our services for various family circumstances and special needs.


Favorite Location

Convenient, Easy Road Access, Easy Pickup & Drop Off! We are conveniently located on the Cobb & Paulding County line on Highway 92 (Dallas-Acworth Highway) just moments from Route 41 (Cobb Parkway). Within a five-mile radius of our school are the following community developments including Bentwater, Seven Hills, Alexandra, Governors Club, Timberlands, Brook Stone, The Estates, and a host of other favorite communities.
We are also convenient to the new Kroger 27-acre shopping center at the corner of Hwy. 92 and Cedarcrest Rd. with frontage on both Hwy 92(Dallas-Acworth Hwy) and Hwy. 92(Dallas-Hiram Hwy.). Old Stilesboro Road, adjacent to the school, is also the first opportunity to return to Cobb County after entering Paulding County.


Affordable Tuition

A member of our leadership team meets with each family that tours the school to go over the various program and tuition options.  Our school has the lowest tuition for a NAEYC Accredited Program in the area.  This doesn’t mean that we offer anything less.  We believe in offering affordable rates for all families.   Our goal is not to be the cheapest provider, as our quality programs (ratios, teacher salaries, materials used, amenities and extras) require a level of financial funding. However, we find that parents are pleasantly surprised by our affordable rates without big price tag for image.
See our Special Offers for current promotions and savings at: Special Offers



Profitability is one indicator of a healthy and growing school. The census and cash flow of a school has significant impact on the monetary resources available for quality improvements, materials in the classroom, teacher salaries, staffing levels, training budgets, and more. Favorite Time has a current positive cash-flow and continues to invest in the schools programs.


Finally, WE CARE.

We desire that each parent feel confident and comfortable leaving your child at our center.  As parents, we all desire the best for our children.  We provide a place where we can all participate in the process of children growing and learning.