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Defining Quality

Quality child care may be defined as educational child care services that provide a loving, responsive, and developmentally appropriate environment for young children. This quality care, added to a quality home environment, leads to the best possible physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development in a child. Children attending a quality child care program will receive learning experiences that are safe, nurturing, and challenging.

Why Quality is Important:

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The first three to five years of a child’s life are the most influential years in terms of brain growth and development. Studies prove that the quality of care children receive during these crucial, early years will impact their future and lifelong success. Recent research shows that the quality of child care has a lasting impact on children’s well-being and ability to learn. Children in poor quality child care lag behind their peers in language and reading skills and display more aggression toward other children and adults. A poor start in early years can lead to frustration and failure later on in school. The quality of child care matters because a strong early childhood lasts a lifetime. Choose quality when choosing for your little one.

Quality is a Daily Commitment and Continual Process:

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Favorite Time Academy views Accreditation systems and Quality Awards as a means and tools to continue to improve the programs that are offered. No accreditation earning or status is considered the achievement of total quality. Achieving accreditation is the starting point and foundation to build on while incrementally making quality improvements and growing the program through ongoing staff achievements. Although accreditations, recognitions, and awards are great third-party validations of achieved quality and success, they are never considered an end-all to quality. Favorite Time is committed to the daily processes of quality improvement. We celebrate the successes along the quality journey as the team continues to develop and mature in all facets of the program.

Quality is NOT State Licensing Standards:

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It is estimated that only 15 percent of all child care meets “quality care” standards. Quality is NOT your states licensing standards! State licensing standards are considered by most legitimate educators to be basic or minimal safety standards. In Georgia these standards are so low that most honest and caring people will agree that ten two year olds to one teacher (10:1 ratio for 2 yr olds) is not a safety standard let alone a quality standard. If you are a parent and the center you are touring is quoting State Licensing Standards BEWARE this center has NO intention of providing quality care.

Factors of Quality Early Childhood Education Programs:

  • Student Group Size – how many children in the class
  • Teacher/Child Ratio – how many teachers per students
  • Teaching Team– quality and maturity of teachers with credentials and years of experience
  • Safety – physical as well as emotional safety standards and practices of team
  • Relationship – quality of relationships between all staff, children, parents, and all involved
  • Services- services offered to promote overall positive experiences for children and families
  • Environment – promoting a conducive physical and social environment for learning
  • Curriculum- effective planned and spontaneous learning experiences tailored to child
  • Leadership- supportive and consistent coaching and direction that places children in #1 priority

Our Favorite CQI Programs

Continuing Quality Improvement Programs

Favorite Time Academy uses the following tools in the CQI program to continuing improve the educational programming for children, staff, and families:

  • NAEYC Accreditation Program Portfolio (400 Standards)
  • NAEYC Accreditation Classroom Portfolios
  • ITERS & ECERS Quality Measurements.
  • COA School Age Accreditation Quality Criteria
  • Monthly Staff Meeting, Professional Development, and Solution Finding
  • Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning Audits
  • NEW 2013– Georgia Quality Rating System (currently enrolled in process)