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Camp Weekly Themes

Week 1 Welcome to Camp Bee Cool

We will spend this week getting to know each other and our camp. We will learn some new camp songs with new friends.  We will learn exciting games and have a fun Minute to Win It game day!

Week 2 Wild, Wild West

We will discover what really happened during our early history in western U.S.  We will experience both sides of the story from the cowboy perspective and the Native American perspective.  We will have fun learning about the general culture of the wild, wild west!

Week 3 Tee Pees and Sod Houses

We will create our own tee pees and mini sod houses.  We will discover how pioneers, cowboys, and Native Americans traveled and lived their day to day lives. We will do role playing by putting our engineering and architectural skills to work!

Week 4The Chuck Wagon

We will take a journey into our country’s culinary past.  We will learn and taste new foods.  We will have an opportunity to choose a food whether it is cowboy beans or chili and learn how to cook it outdoors at our own chuck wagon.

Week 5 Cowboy Boots and Moccasins

We will enjoy learning about Wild West wear.  We will put ourselves into the shoes of those who lived way back then. Whether its cowboy boots or moccasins, it is going to be a fun week.

Week 6 Can You Paint with all the Colors of the Wind?

We will explore art from the 1800s both Native American and Pioneers. We will have fun and creative art projects throughout the week!  We will create jewelry, paintings, and clay art.

Week 7 Pow Wow Week

We will experience Native American dance and music.  We will create our own instruments and dances as well as try and recreate some real Native American dances.

Week 8   Fun and Games on the Prairie

We will learn how to play fun games that pioneers and Native Americans enjoyed.  We will learn about lacrosse and other games that we might not have known have been around this long.   We will have fun learning how to shoot arrows using Nerf archery.

Week 9 The Pony Express

We will discover the technology from this time period.  We will experiment with some of the technology from the 1800s until our present time, so we can compare how far we have come as a society.

Week 10 Band Together

We will celebrate this last week of summer with our friends.  This week will be complete with an end of the summer celebration party!