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School Uniforms

SAM_0302Favorite Time Academy is excited about our offering high-quality school uniforms.  In the 2012-13 school year, we started looking at the benefits of school uniforms and had our first volunteer class.  In the 2013-14 school year, we had our first mandatory uniform class which was a wonderful program with many success stories of achievement. In response to increasing educational goals placed on students, parents, teachers and schools, we are implementing some positive and creative way to increase student achievement and school safety.  What are the potential benefits to school uniforms in creating the most conducive environment for maximum learning and fun?  Here are our top ten reasons for implementing uniforms in some of our classrooms:


Our Favorite Top 10 Benefits of School Uniforms

1. Creates a Sense of Community

SAM_0207Uniforms build a feel of teamwork and togetherness throughout the classroom.

2. Improved Safety Feature

Uniforms easily identify students, and they also ensure that children are properly dressed for various activities, which ultimately reduce accidents and injuries.

3. Builds School Spirit

Your child wearing their school logo everyday builds pride in your school and community.

4. Breaks Down Socio-Economic Barriers

With uniforms, all students dress the same, regardless of household income.

5. Great Public Awareness and Brand Building Opportunity for a School

Promoting a NAEYC Accredited school builds public awareness that safety and quality matters.

6. Creates a More Work-Like Atmosphere

When dressed in a uniform, it is time to go learn. The children are dressing for success!

7. Helps Reduce Offensive, Violent Characters, or Disruptive Clothing

There is no need to worry about clothing that is a distraction or disruption in the classroom

8. The Cost Is Less than Typical Fashion Clothing.

You can outfit a student for the entire year for $150 to $200.

9. It Is Easier on Mom and Dad!

The most important reason for uniforms is that it is easier for the faculty. (No more monitoring dress-code.) Also, it is easier for the parents. (No more fighting over what is appropriate). More importantly, it is easier for the students. (I have heard that many students sleep an extra hour in the morning because they do not have to pick out their clothing).

10. Supports Favorite Time Academy’s Goals to Provide the Highest Quality Schooling.

Our goal is to continue to improve and grow our programs. Our desire is to incrementally increase quality while increasing student achievement and preparation for Elementary School. As a feeder school for private model programs or the public school system, we believe in giving your child the best preparation and foundation for future success.


Ordering School Uniforms

Before ordering school uniforms, be sure to check with the school regarding promotions and discounts.

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