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Private Pre-K vs. Georgia Lottery Pre-K

Favorite Time Academy believes that all families should have access to affordable, quality, early childhood education programs.  In keeping with that belief we have chosen to not only provide a Private Pre-K Program but, also, to provide the Georgia Lottery Funded Pre-K Program.  The greatest challenge that the State Pre-K continues to face is under-funding, while costs continue to rise and provider restrictions by the state hinder quality in the program.  Below you will find some general comparisons that may help you in your decision:

Faith Based Christian Curriculum

Private Pre-K is a Christian Faith based Program using The Creative Curriculum and A Beka Curriculum.  Georgia Pre-K is a Non-Faith Based Program using only Creative Curriculum.

Higher Quality Group Size and Teacher/Student Ratios

Private Pre-K has a smaller class size with 15 children in the class.  Current research suggests that young children learn more effectively in smaller group and class sizes.  Smaller class sizes allow for more individualized instruction and attention.  Georgia Pre-K has a larger class size.  There are 22 children in each class.  In recent years Georgia Pre-K has increased the class sizes due to funding cuts in the program.

Field Trips

Private Pre-K includes the Safety Sam Bus Safety Program.  Favorite Time is one of the only centers in the area that has invested in Pro-Tech Bus Restraint Seats that allow us to have field trips for four-year-olds.  Georgia Pre-K doesn’t include Field Trips; however, Georgia Pre-K ASP students that attend recess breaks and holiday breaks will have an opportunity to attend field trips.


Private Pre-K offers student uniforms.  GA Pre-K may or may not have uniforms based on parent preferences each year.

Schedule Flexibility

Private Pre-K allows more flexibility with drop off and pick up times.  A child will not lose their spot if they are not in attendance.  Georgia Pre-K has a standard 6.5 hour instructional day.  Students must attend school days and most arrive and depart at scheduled times. Attendance and tardiness are monitored.

Advanced and Enrichment Curriculums

Private Pre-K allows more flexibility in implementing advanced and tailored curriculum in the classroom.  Private Pre-K includes Creative Curriculum and these additional programs:  Zoo Phonics, Handwriting without Tears, Technology & Computers, and Spanish with Pancho our Puppet.  Georgia Pre-K follows Bright from the Start standards for Pre-K including developing fine motor skills for writing preparation. Beginning phonics and reading are not taught.  Instructional time includes letter recognition and phonological awareness verses actually teaching phonics.


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