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101_2967How can a baby room not be special? We believe that every baby is precious and individually special. Our infant room reflects our sincere attention and priority in providing exceptional care for each baby. We provide a loving and caring environment where nurturing, physical affection, and interaction are given abundantly and consistently. It is well understood that infancy is one of the most important periods in a child’s life. This is the time when bonding (the process of building strong, lasting emotional ties), feelings of self-worth, confidence, independence, and fears (both healthy and unhealthy) are rooted for a lifetime. We are dedicated to maintaining the strong bonds of intimacy, warmth, and security that your child needs and we are committed to meeting your child’s physical, psychological, and emotional needs while he or she is in our care.

DSCN0393Our baby Love Bears room is cheery, bright, and inviting. We have designed this room specifically for your child to create a warm, welcoming, and home-like environment. Our focus is moving away from the traditional commercial setting and moving towards a peaceful and individualized room where your child feels right at home. Our Favorite Love Bears room has all kinds of fun toys and activities for your child to experience. Visually stimulating pictures, mobiles, books, unbreakable mirrors, and colorful toys are abundant. Happy music, book reading, Spanish linguistics , and many toys that go click, beep, snap, rattle, squeak, and pop will capture your child’s interest and development. With carefully selected equipment, toys, and décor we create a critical developing and learning experience that is loving, safe, and rich.

DSCN0414We believe in individualized child attention and low teacher/infant ratio. Our nurturing teachers are specially trained to care for young children and are certified in CPR and First Aid. Our staff members are encouraged to get down on the floor and play with your child. We enjoy the laughing, smiles and all the other expressions your child experiences as they interact with our team members. Our staff is not only interested in your child’s favorite experiences here, but also the enjoyment of hearing your funny stories and favorite experiences from home.

DSCN0419We would like to welcome your baby to our Infant Program and would be delighted to share with you the excitement and joys of your baby’s day-to-day development. We consider it an honor to be a part of that growth and development, and look forward to a wonderful relationship with you and your baby.