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Destiny’s Daughters of Promise


SAM_0138Favorite Time Academy is proud to support Destiny’s Daughter of Promise. We support and promote their mission of helping young people see their value and purpose. Ms. Elizabeth enjoys teaching Zumba Fitness classes at Favorite Time for the girls and it is a wonderful way for her to reach young girls for Jesus Christ.

About- Destiny’s Daughters of Promise

History: Destiny’s Daughters of Promise is a Georgia-based, nonprofit organization whose mission is to mentor and train young girls. The organization was founded in 2007 with a goal to strengthen the fundamental components needed for young women to excel in leadership and basic life skills.LogoThe founder, along with like-minded educators and business professionals committed to providing programs and opportunities for teen girls that would help them excel in leadership, community involvement, education, and personal growth and development.

In the fall of 2008, Destiny’s Daughters of Promise began providing one-to-one mentoring and weekly workshop sessions at Barber Middle School in Acworth, Georgia.

The greatest strength of the program is that teens receive training, adult guidance and leadership development on a weekly basis during the school year. They also learn how to give back to their communities by participating in relevant service projects.

The Mission: The mission of Destiny’s Daughters of Promise is to foster independence, encourage leadership, and provide educational training and mentoring for young women in order to help prepare them for a successful future. Destiny’s Daughters of Promise’s key strengths include the organization’s demonstrated ability to provide quality and necessary services which help teens learn strategies to develop into healthy adulthood. Volunteers and staff are committed to the vision and goals of the program and the service it provides.

The Vision: Young women will be prepared to excel in higher education, exude confidence and appropriate social skills, and enter the work force to become contributing members of society.

The Goal: Our aim is to provide programs and opportunities for young women to excel in leadership, community involvement, education, and personal growth and development. By organizing members of the community to support our mentoring program, the direst of circumstances may be reversed to bring about positive change.